Drill Sergeant 1st Class  Richard A. Dohanich

" Healthy Initiative "

Grant Program


  The VFW organization is one of our oldest Veteran advocacy programs in the country, started in 1899 it has seen its share of Hero’s come through its doors. Several Changing of the Guards since that time, with each generation of  our Foreign War Veterans. Our generation is entering in a position in our history where we have a Changing of the Guard from the Vietnam Veterans to now Desert Storm/ Gulf War and post 9/11 Veterans. It is our duty to carry on the traditions of the Old Guard while incorporating the needs and wants of the incoming Veterans and their family’s for  the next generations to come! 


  Our mission is to raise money for these new needs through the Drill Sergeant 1st Class Richard A Dohanich "Healthy Initiative" Grant Program "RAD" to be awarded and distributed through the VFW Foundation. The program named so after my father, who was deployed to Korea in the Korean Conflict during the Vietnam War, 20-year Army Veteran and Police Officer who went to be with God at the young age of 49. Only two weeks before he was set to retire from the United States Army Reserves 2nd Bn, 392nd Regt, 98th Div.

  This Grant Program will enable us to provide Grant funding to individual VFW Posts to provide items such as; gym and work out equipment for Veterans (including special disabled equipment) for new onsite gyms located at the Posts, library books for onsite Post libraries. Outdoor Sporting equipment for Archery, Axe throwing, Horseshoes leagues and more... We hope to be able to also provide the seeds, soil and building materials to build WARRIOR GARDENS where Veterans can participate in gardening activities while enjoying the benefits of fresh clean eating and help to feed Veterans who made need a helping hand from time to time. 


  These activities will be beneficial for the mental and psychical well-being of our Veterans and their families, and get them outside and actively engaging with others and their community. 


  In addition, we are granting Children's Romper Room Equipment to give our Veterans of Foreign Wars families and children a safe smoke free environment to bring their children and loved ones to as well, in some cases renovations of older VFW facilities and rooms will need refurbishing in other cases; additions will be needed to be added on, and therefore we are asking for much-needed help!


Thank you,

-Lisa J. Dohanich deJong